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Let’s get the ball rolling!

Dear Friends,

Today is the day: The day of my first official blog-post! I’m overly excited and nervous because on the one hand I know that this has the potential to turn into something great, on the other hand I am mightily afraid of – excuse my language – screwing this up completely. Anyway, let’s get the ball rolling.

In a way I’d like to jump right at it, but I think an introduction is exactly what we need right now:

My name is Sarah and I’m a 21-year-old German country-bumpkin with a head full of ideas and a heart full of dreams who likes to be creative, be outside, travel, and chase all her crazy dreams around. On Postcrossing I’m also known as the Mailmonster.

The blog I’m starting with this very post today was inspired by sending and receiving postcards via Postcrossing and is dedicated to all the great and not-so-great things in life. The connection between the two might not be obvious at first but believe me, it is.

When I started writing my first couple of postcards, I really wanted to make people happy with what I chose to send, I wanted every card to fit the recipient perfectly. And I still strive for it to be that way.

So while very thoroughly studying their wishes concerning the postcards’s image and message’s content, I most often came across the request: “Please write something about your life, your country and culture.” I know that the request itself is not uncommon and what I’d like to know about the people sending me a card too. Trying to meet that wish though made me think a lot – think about myself and my life. It made me look closer at all the small parts that my life is made up of.

Now every time I send a postcard out into the world, it feels like sending away a small piece of me, a little scrap of my life. And in return I receive a little bit of somebody else’s life, to compliment and enrich my own.  I want to carry these cards – these little bits of life, I send and receive – beyond the borders of the Postcrossing-project, because they make me pay a lot more attention to everything I do, see and experience. It all causes me to reflect on my life and I am already beginning to live more consciously. Every day it seems I uncover another gem I haven’t recognized as such before and I feel it’s only fair to share my new-found wealth with you.

In my mind it eventually came down to something like this:
“Why not dedicate a blog to it? Dedicate it to the postcards, to the little and precious things in life, to the crazy thoughts, the friends, the fiends, the tears, the smiles and everything else there is? Why the heck not?! Don’t be a chicken, just go for it!”

Well, I can say, I am not a chicken.

I can only hope I didn’t scare you too much with this “all-over-the-place-post” and you will come back again. More information about me and a much more organized introduction to the blog here.

I’m already lovin’ you all to death,

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