“57 Channels”

Dear Friends,

Today’s post doesn’t only have an image it has a soundtrack to go with it! WOOHOO!
You can listen to it here. I meant to embed it but can’t because WordPress doesn’t allow embeds from MTV.com – ūüė¶ BOO!

Please go and listen to it ’cause then you are all set for today’s topic; so

–> cklick here to listen <—

and then come back. I even promise to wait for you here ūüėČ Scout’s honor!

There you are. See, I didn’t go anywhere. And yes, you’ve guessed correctly today I am posting about Television but not only because I like Bruce Springsteens song. No, today is World¬†Television Day and the 21st of November has been since the UN proclaimed it in 1996. I believe we all know how influential TV is today and how many people rely on it for their daily fill of news and entertainment. If you want to read the full fledged article about it you can go¬†to the UN’s official webpage.

What I find especially interesting though is that the proclamation of a World TV Day causef quite an arguement because many people in the world still don’t have access to television. We take it for granted, we are swamped with ¬†brainless programms and bothered by comercials. We don’t realize though how expenisve it is to run it all. The majority of the African people for example can’t afford television, they listen to the radio.
So in the overall view of the world TV is a rich people thing. Thus why have a special World Television Day while we already have a World Press Freedom Day, a World Telecommunication Day and a World Development Information Day?

Hopefully peace can be made soon, as a World Radio Day (Feburary 13th) is under way as I’ve read here, here and here.

Now, I don’t want to end on a bad note: I love TV, I almost can’t imagine my life without daily news, dramas, thrillers, soaps, talk shows, game shows… for all I know I might even miss the comercial breaks! I mean I haven’t really had a chance to watch a lot lately since I had to work Monday through Sunday last week but I often find myself zapping.

How about you? Be honest, what is television to you?

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