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SENT CARD #1 – Postikortti

Dear Friends,

81 days ago I became one of about 260 000 Postcrossing members. I immediately requested my first address: My first ever sent card went to Miisa in Jyväskylä, Finland. I took great care in choosing her postikortti (Finnish for postcard) because it was going to be her first ever received card. I think it was a wonderful coincidence: My first ever sent card being her first ever received card!

Miisa likes postcards that tell her something about the sender’s hometown and -country:
So I picked a card showing the Italian-stlye rural residence and false ruins near one of the many ponds in Breidings Garten. Breidings Garten is a huge park-like garden in the south of my hometown which used to belong to a merchant’s and industrialist’s family who began to develope the swamp area into a garden about 150 years ago.
I think this is a very romantic and beautiful place and in this picture there’s almost something mystic about it too.

I sent the postcard on its way to Miisa on September 2nd. It travelled 867 miles (1396 km) in 6 days to drop into her mailbox on Septmeber 8th.

She favorited the card and I hope you like it as well,

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