RECEIVED CARD #3.1 – It’s all about happiness

Dear Friends,

This card was sent to me by Joanna from Warsaw, Poland’s capital city. The image is so cute! Everytime I look at it I feel good and that is exactly what Joanna had intended to achieve with the card: “This card is about happiness”, she wrote and it certainly is for me.

More so, I think, there is no denying that happiness is one of the most important things in life. Everyday we search for new pleasures and sometimes work jobs we geniuenly hate to earn the money we believe we need to lead a contented life. But money can’t buy us happiness.
The greatest supply of happines lies with the people we love and the people who care about us: Our family, our friends.

Joanna’s card has surely made me happy by dropping into my mailbox on October 5th after travelling 473 miles (761 km) in 12 days.

So, has anybody made you happy today? Have you made anyone happy?

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