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Dear Friends,

Today I’d like to share another of my photographs with you and speak of something I wonder about everytime I’m in a larger city: Where do all these abandoned bicycles come from?

I mean, it can’t be that people hop on their bikes, go some place, take the time to even lock it and then leave to never return again. But apparently that is exactly what is happening. The bicycle in my photograph is one of Berlin’s Fahrradleichen (engl. bicycle-corpses) as we like to call them. It’s supposed to be the city with the most abanoed bikes in Germany.
But Berlin is not the only city littered with forgotten bicycles, Joe Schumacher has created an album showing all the different bicycle-corpses he has come across in New York City: The Abandoned Bicycles of New York.

I really wonder where all the bikes come from. Is it possible for so many people to simply forget that they had a bike? If you have an answer to my question please enlighten my clueless self on this and leave me a comment. You are welcome to leave your theories on this or simply join me in my cluelessness.

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