…gifts on Christmas Day,…

Dear Friends,

It’s Christmas Day which means even in the US all presents should be unwarpped by now. Lucky me, clebrating Christmas here in Germany, already got to open the goodies brought by Santa aka known as mom and others – but psshh…. don’t tell your kids ūüėČ – yesterday!

And today I want to share with you what had been hidden behind the jolly Santas, singing Angels, shining stars,  mistletoes and gingerbread men on mostly green and red paper. My mom Рehm sorry РSanta has been most generous to me this year. There were not one but five books in his sack for me: Two in English and three in German.

Book #1
ANUBIS by Wolfgang Hohlbein (German only)
I had a copy of this book in hardcover when it was released and had even read quite few chapters when I lend it to a friend who is a great Hohlbein-fan. I’ve never gotten the book back and thus I never got to know how the story ended. The friends is not a friend anymore by the way, not solely because of not-returning my book but it certainly urkes me when people don’t bother to give borrowed things back.
Well, let’s get back on track: ANUBIS is a horror/fantasy novel about a mysterious and terrible incident in the past of archaeologist Mogens VanAndt, an egyptian temple where there shouldn’t be one – in California – and a gate giving way into the realm of the dead.
The opinions on this book are ploarized. Hohlbein is one of the most succsessful German fantasy authors and I let you know what side I think of ANUBIS once I done.
It hasn’t been translated into English, so if you want to check it out for yourself you should be apt in German. If you are not but you are interested in reading a Hohlbein you might want to look for MAGIC MOON (M√ĄRCHENMOND). It’s another book still on my TBR* pile but the reviews are quite promising ūüôā

Book #2
DIE HENKERSTOCHTER by Oliver Pötzsch (German; available in English)
Some historical ficition: A thriller taking place in 1660 Germany.
Shortly after the Thirty Years’ War, and decades after the last witchcraft-mania a killer leaves his victims crudelly tatooed with ¬†a withche’s mark. The villagers suspect the local midwife and exectioner Jakob Kuisl is charged with extracting the confession by way of torture. But he and his daughter Magdalena are convinced of her innocence and together with the young physician they set out to find the true murderer.
This book is also available in English: THE HANGMAN’S DAUGTHER!

Book #3
‘SALEM’S LOT by Stephen King (English; available in German)

“Do you believe in vampires?” – A vampire novel by the grand-master of horror-thriller Stephen King. These bloodsuckers are bound to knock little Mr. ‘sparkly’ Cullen of his feet. I don’t think I need to say any more, do I?

This book is also available in German ūüôā –>¬†BRENNEN MUSS SALEM!



Book #4
DRACAS by Ulrike Schweikert (German only)
The fourth book in the “Heirs of the Night” series by Ulrike Schweikert. A historical vampire-fantasy set in 19th century Europe. Vampires are bound to become extinct and the last clans have grudingly come together for their last chance of survival.
This story is certainly not comparable with Salem’s Lot but as the fact that I am already reading¬†the fourth book of this series suggests I enjoy it quite a bit. I like the many historical details and love the¬†real historical events the author¬†turnes into very entertaining¬†subpolts with interesting twist and turns.
All in all, the “Heirs of the Night” have been easy and pleasant reads. Unfortunately the books are only available in German.

Book #5
BIRTHMARKED by Charga O’Brien (English; available in German)
A YA* novel about a dystopian world in the future where there are those who live in ¬†the luxurious Enclave and those, like Gaia who live outside struggling to survive but serving the government faithfully non-the-less. Gaia, a midwife apprentice doesn’t question the rule to deliver a quota of babies from outside to the Enclave each month until her parents are being arrested. They are supposed to have a code revealing the secrets of the babies.
Gaia realizes that she is her parents only hope for rescue and soon the perfect facade of the Enclave begins to crumble when she discovers the truth.
Since Maria V. Snyders InsideOut I have a thing for YA/future/etc. stuff. The book has also been translated. In German the book is called:

So, what’s been under the Chritsmas tree for you this year? I hope Santa’s been as good to you as he’s been to me.

Happy Holidays!



*TBR = To Be Read              *YA = Young Adult

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