RECEIVED CARD # 6.2 – Taking A Detour

Dear Friends, 

the card I’m sharing with you today took the scenic route before eventually dropping in my mailbox. It was sent to me by Heleen from the Netherlands. Usually postcards from there don’t take longer than two or three days to arrive. But this one took a little detour…

…. no, I’m not kidding. It went all the way to Indonesia; Jakarta in Indonesia to be exact. What should only have been 227 miles (365 km) turned into 13941 miles (22436 km)!

Heleen sent the card on its way to me on September 9th (’11) and it finally arrived on October 8th (’11). And I’m glad it was only missent and didn’t get entirely lost in transit because I think it’s just beautiful. It is showing a work of art Heleen did herself in 2010 using watercolor and pencil. She calles it “luchten” which means “sky”. I mostly enjoy it’s simplicity and colors.
She even has her own website where you can buy postcards featuring her photographs and art: .
So if you like the card she sent me you can just head over there and buy it 🙂


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