Dear Friends,

As you can see I completely redesigned my blog and recreated the PP-logo *grin*.

I am so very glad to be blogging again after neglecting everything for almost two months. But I did not only refresh my blog visually, I created a Blogging-Masterplan *muhaha* – well, it’s just an MS Excel file on my laptop. I didn’t make many changes concering topics and categories but decided to narrow everything down to Postcrossing and art (including Mail Art and photography) seasoned with posts about life here and there.
During my absence from the blogosphere I’ve hoarded so many postcards and Mail Art pieces  that I can also gurantee for frequent posts ’til about mid July : )

I can’t wait to get started -again- tomorrow! Then I will show you the first piece of Mail Art I received from Guido Vermeulen, a very dedicated Mailartist from Belgium.

Hope to see you around.

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