SENT CARD # 7: A colorful mail day

Postcards are a breath of fresh air in my PO Box. A gift of smiles from around the world. I consider postcard swapping a small mission of peace… sending good wishes around the world one card at a time.
~ Susan Wood, BOX652

Mail art meets Postcrossing!

I’ve created this rather wild looking Postcrossing card for Susan Wood. It had to travel 3647 miles (5869 km) before her mailman or -woman finally dropped it in her famous mail slot PO BOX 652.

BOX 652 is Susan’s “portal to the planet” and a treasure chest full of beautiful postcards and handwritten letters. And since she is not a selfish person she shares all these “smiles from around the world” with the world on her blog!

Now, I should get back to my latest mail art project: A linoleum-cut. I haven’t done any lino-printing for over a year! So it shall be interesting to see if I can still manage to carve a decent image ; )

Have a great weekend!



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6 responses to “SENT CARD # 7: A colorful mail day

    • Thank you! I love your post about the mail art treasures you received from Lunar Daughter. I actually turned a shoebox into my mail art treasure chest… sometimes I even consider framing my favourites : )

      • great idea on the shoebox, the stuff would be about the right size for a big tennis shoe box. unfortunately i have so little wall space for anything in my open plan house. enjoyed your blog, became a follower!

  1. skwood1234

    Thanks for the shoutout! I’ve been fairly buried, with moving house, and haven’t been following the happiness of snail mail. Nice to find your link, and your blog. Your card is one of my all time favorites. Thanks zillions!

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