SENT CARD #10 & #11: Heath for Asia

The Lüneburger Heide (Lunenburg Heath), a pretty place featured on many postcards I send out to people through the Postcrossing project. Like this, this and this one. Now, here are two more:

The first went to Chai Xin in China, crossing a distance of 4722 miles (7600 km) in 22 days.

And the second went to Chi-Ling Lee in Taiwan. It travelled 5674 miles (9131 km)  in 6 days to drop into his mailbox.

I really love where I live. The Heide (Heath) is so pretty especially when the heather is in full bloom covering the ground like a purple carpet. When I was in elementary school our teacher would often take us on field trips into the Heath hiking – fond memories!

So, what pretty views has your area to offer? Breathtakingly high mountains with snow covered peaks? Bold cliffs and the clear blue sea? Or forests with trees older than dirt itself? Tell me!

And have a good start into the new month!


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3 responses to “SENT CARD #10 & #11: Heath for Asia

  1. altho i am not a part of your mail art project, i will say that my area offers gulf views, palm trees, lots of sand and plenty of nature in the form of birds and insects. also gorgeous clouds, sunrises and sunsets.

    • Sarah - The Mailmonster

      Thanks for your comment: That sounds beautiful and makes me think of summer! – Summer, sun and beachtime!

      You don’t have to be part of any mail art project to comment btw. I was just curious to know what the most typical view on a postcard from your area would be.

      I had almost forgotten how pretty it is around where I live. We always seem to notice the beauty in everything we don’t have and are blind to the beauty right in front of our eyes; or our house in this case.

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