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SENT CARD #20: Communication

“Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three – and paradise when you have none.”

~ Doug Larson

This card I sent to Tripsik in Estonia. She likes to receive postcards that feature images of radios, books, TVs, typewriters, telephones, newspapers and the like. So I thought this postcard with a design by Leendart Jan Vis is just perfect for her ūüôā

Leendart Jan Vis @

The card traveled a distance of 670 miles (1079 km) in 10 days to reach Tripsik’s mailbox.¬†I’d say a phone call would surely have been faster but not as lovely and cute as the little bear in midst its many phones ūüėČ

Have great day!


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Ink and Watercolor

"Ink and Watercolor" by Guido Vermeulen (BELGIUM 2012)

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RECEIVED CARD #14: “Don’t cry for me Argentina…”

This postcard came to me all the way from Buenos Aires in Argentina. It crossed the distance of 7281 miles (11717 km) in 19 days. Thank you lautaro for sending me my first postcrossing card from Argentina and also for giving me a little brush up on my Spanish skills. ¡Muchas gracias! 

Have a wonderful new week!


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Angel Ink

Hi everyone,

This mail art piece is an ink drawing on white copy paper that I call “Angel Ink”. I sent it to Nadine Wendell-Mojica in response to this beautiful artwork I posted earlier this week. It immediately inspired me and I imagined an angel reaching out to the girl in case she falls… well, and that’s basically what I decided to draw : ) – it’s as simple as that ; P

Have a great weekend!


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Fluxus” by¬†E¬†from France.

I am not really sure if “E” is referring to the Fluxus art movement of the 60s but there is a wonderful quote from the Fluxus artist Emmett Williams that I’d like to share with you:

“Das Leben ist ein Kunstwerk, und das Kunstwerk ist Leben.”

“Life is a work of art, and a work of art is life.”

~ Emmett Williams


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The BEAR in you

This piece of mail art went to Daniel “Bear” Qualls in South Carolina. I’d say it’s pretty obvious why I decided to create some bear art for Bear ; )

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This postcard went to Lisa in Winter Haven, Florida.

It travelled for 7 days and crossed a distance of 4764 miles (7667 km) carrying this quote from Goethe:

“Das ist das Angenehme auf Reisen, dass auch das Gew√∂hnliche durch Neuheit und √úberraschung das Ansehen eines Abenteuers gewinnt.”

“This is what’s great about travelling, that even the ordinary becomes adventurous through novelty and astonishment.”

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Angel working overtime

One of the cutest and most flattering mail art pieces I’ve ever received! It was sent to me by Nadine Wendell-Mojica from North Hollywood, California. Thank you so much for it, Nadine!

I hope my guardian angel is as passionate and dedicated to its profession as this one : )

Have great new week!

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A postcard featuring some art from the L√ľneburger Heide. I sent it to Karin from the Netherlands and within 4 days it crossed the distance of ¬†222 miles (358 km) that lie between the postoffice in my hometown and her mailbox.

My internet it down for a few hours each day because of a construction site just half a mile up the road from where I am. I’ll try to get my blogging done within the few hours of internet connectivity I have. You might not notice it at all but I thought it would be nice to let you know anyway : )

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Today I’m just dropping this piece of mail art for you. I received it from Daniel Qualls aka “BEAR” in South Carolina.

Oddly enough it fits what kept me away from blogging for the past five days: Painting horse jumps. Here is a sneek peek into my current project’s workspace.

Have a great and successful Tuesday : )

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“A glass a day…”

Hey there,

This is the funniest mail art envelope I’ve received so far!

It’s from Vizma Bruns who lives in Australia and has a great sense of humor. Besides making me laugh like I’ve not laughed before when opening the mailbox, she also impressed me by writing a few sentences in perfect German. And she hasn’t been using her German language skills since high school!

I hope her wonderful enveolpe made you laugh too and your day a little brighter.

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“Got a ticket?” – The Hamburg metro

Hi folks!

This is a piece of mail art I dedicated to the HVV (Hamburg Transport Association). When I was an editorial intern at a small radio station in Hamburg I used to go to work by metro every day.

I saved all my tickets for this mail art collage because I really like how the silvery stripe on the tickets reflects the  light. The finished collage you see in the picture above went to Douglas Galloway from the US in reply to his Beaumont Klick Klack.

So do you go to work using public transportation?

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RECEIVED CARD #11: Adcards on postcrossing

When I sent out cards to fellow postcrossers I try to refrain from sending any free- or adcards becuase they’re usually not what people like to receive. It’s not that there aren’t pretty ones – there definitely are quite a few very beautiful adcards out there – it’s that they usually do not represent the sender or the sender’s homecountry very well, since they’ve been designed to raise awareness to a certain cause or product as opposed to tourist- or greeting-cards.


…this adcard I received from Ira, living in Minsk, the capital of Belarus I was pleasantly surprised. I like it. For me it doesn’t exactly represent Belarus (except for the Cyrillic script maybe) but it surely captures the essence of postcrossing: Hold out your hand and invite the world to get in touch with you!

Ira, thank you so much for sending this card to me. I’m still not crazy about adcards on postcrossing but I definitely like that one ; )

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