SENT CARD #20: Communication

“Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three – and paradise when you have none.”

~ Doug Larson

This card I sent to Tripsik in Estonia. She likes to receive postcards that feature images of radios, books, TVs, typewriters, telephones, newspapers and the like. So I thought this postcard with a design by Leendart Jan Vis is just perfect for her 🙂

Leendart Jan Vis @

The card traveled a distance of 670 miles (1079 km) in 10 days to reach Tripsik’s mailbox. I’d say a phone call would surely have been faster but not as lovely and cute as the little bear in midst its many phones 😉

Have great day!


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2 responses to “SENT CARD #20: Communication

  1. I was looking for this postcard mora the
    n 20 years. Thank you.

    • I sent this post card to my Iranian friend David to Vienna to Austria in August 1989. That helped. My friend David called to me to Netherlands. Since a few years I m looking for David. Pitty but I lost his surname and to find him is hopeloss.

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