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RECEIVED CARD #19: Threads Unite

This postcard was send to me by Mieke from the Netherlands. She chose to send me a postcard issued by the German-Afghan-Initative. It shows some embrodidery work that’s been created by OMA during their Threads Unite project in Laghmani. If you are interested and  apt in German you can read more about this and other projects of the German-Afghan-Initative on their website

Mieke also put one of these cool Dutch Postcrossing stamps on it!

Thank you Mieke for making me and my mailbox happy 🙂

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Viviana double feature :)

This post contains not one but two of Viviana’s cute mail art pieces that she sends on their long way from Argentina to Germany.

First a little “flower-fashionista”…

…and then some mysterious signs, glyphs and symbols 🙂

I hope you like them as much as I do. Thank you Viviana!

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RECEIVED CARD #17: I’m not Rosana

This postcard came all the way from the Spanish island Tenerife off Africa’s west coast. So it traveled 2,154 miles (3,467 km) in 11 days to reach my mailbox and me in Germany.

Noelia – or nosoyrosanna (I’m not Rosanna) as she calls herself on Postcrossing – is very passionate about photography and enjoys old school cameras using film. She owns two lomographic cameras and has her own little website to share her pictures with the world >

The postcard’s design is one of Noelia’s original photographs. It shows her friend’s dog “Bender” (yes, her friend named the dog after the Futurama character – lol). She used an extreme wide angle fisheye lense and redscale film. It’s definitely one of the most interesting cards I’ve ever received; I wish I had a fisheye lens…

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Mailing my soul

Hi everyone,

When “E” sent me his FLUXUS mail art piece he also invited me to participate in his mail art projects.
Currently he is running these two:
I decided to contribute something to his Send me your soul! project and this is it:
What do you think?
What would your “soul” look like?

Have a great weekend 😉

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SENT CARD #19: Heide-critters

This little group of Heidschnucken (German moorland sheep) went to Zhu in China. They spent 24 days with the postal services to travel the 5576 miles (8974 km) from my hometown in Germany to Zhu’s mailbox in China 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!

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SENT CARD #26: A smile in your mailbox!

This is the envelope I sent my 26th postcrossing card in. It went to Janusz in Poland. He prefers to receive blank cards in envelopes and since I don’t like sending away plain white envelopes I did a little decorating. I’d also show you the postcard I stuck inside of it but unfortunately I forgot to scan it and didn’t notice until I had already glued the envelope shut :/ I know that it was one very similar to the ones I posted here.

Lots of smiles to you,

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RECEIVED CARD #16: From Europe to Asia and back

This card is a little different from all the other Postcrossing cards I’ve received before…

It was sent to me by Dutch member Rickster who spent three weeks in Japan visiting his Japanese girlfriend. They are a real Postcrossing-couple becuase they got to know each other through a postcard sent with the Postcrossing-project. Isn’t that cute!?!

Well, and he used some of his precious time in Japan to send me my 16th received Postcrossing-postcard 🙂 Thank you Rickster!
Oh, and look at the pretty stamps he used!!!


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RECEIVED CARD #12: Other-worldly Beauty

This is sooo beautiful…

The Liushidan Mountains, the “Sixty Stone Mountains” look so idyllic and fantastical in this picture that I can’t believe that this is an actual place on this planet!!!

So, here a little shout-out to Wei-Ching from Taiwan who’s sent me this incredible postcard:

And the postcard’s travelling facts:
Distance travelled: 5778 miles (9298 km)
Time travelled: 32 days

I’ve never really considered going to Taiwan but after getting a glimpse of Wei’s home-country through her postcard I think I might have to go there one day 🙂

What other-worldly beautiful places do you know of or even have been to?

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SENT CARD #17: Cats for Kate

Hello, hello, hello everyone 😉

This card featuring a photograph I took of cute little “Ginger” went to Kate in Russia. She loves cats and small things
So I decorated the back of the postcard with various little items: Candy wrappers, cat stickers, a train ticket from the Hamburg Metro, etc. The whole thing almost looks like “trashpo” – mail art to me; and I like it 😀

Have a great Tuesday!

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