Reaching the summit

I hiked up a mountain today!!! My travels through the US have lead me to the Green Mountain State and there I went to the summit of Bromley Mountain. It’s not a huge mountain, just 3284 ft. (1001 m), but I am still proud of myself. And I got to take so many beautiful pictures. Here is a small selection. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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4 responses to “Reaching the summit

  1. Those are some great pics! I’m glad you got do do Bromley while visiting Vermont!

  2. Congratulations! These are brilliant pictures of a beautiful place. I only wish the Bromley where I live (in the UK) looked this glorious!

    • Thank you! The Green Mountains are absolutely beautiful. And just being here surrounded by them makes me incredibly happy 🙂 and I’m sure your Bromley has it’s very own glorious corners. And at least of London in general I have many beautiful and “glorious” pictures. It just holds a completely different kind than the Green Mountains, but it’s full of glory and beauty none the less!

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