Liberate Your Art 2012

Hi, hi, hi! There’s something I need to tell you…

I’ll be participating in Kat Sloma’s “Liberate Your Art” postcard swap this year. I’m so excited! There’re over 300 artist from all over the world taking part in it this year. I just received my postcards from (the swap is only for art-prints not originals). Ahh, I never had my art printed before *excitement bounce*! Taking full advatage of moo’s Printfinity option I got a different image on each one of my 20 ordered cards. The quality of the paper and print is amazing… some didn’t turn out that well though because I overphotoshopped the images and made a big mess of the colours – 😦 I’ll know better next time around.

Well, these are the five cards I chose for the swap:

On the back I wrote this little inspirational message:

Tomorrow I’m going to get everything in the mail to Kat. I hope my cards will make it in time. Of course I’ll keep you all posted on what’s happening during this little swap-adventure. I’m looking forward to find the first card from it in my mailbox in August.

Stay creative!


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5 responses to “Liberate Your Art 2012

  1. Popped in from Read, Seen, Heard. Looks like an excellent blog.

    • Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It’s great to know that what I do here is noted and (maybe even) enjoyed 🙂 I just popped over to take a peek at your blog and I find it very interesting so far. I love the lino-cuts and prints from the Grosvenor School artists/students you shared; they are beautiful.

  2. Ohhh! I wish I had known about that swap project earlier! 😦 I would have loved to join! Whilst I’m not very artistic, I love to experiment and try out.

    And your art is fantastic! 😀 😀

    • Thank you! I love to experiment too and I think you don’t need to be an artistic genius to create something that makes you and others happy 🙂 Maybe you can paticipate in the swap next year! I think Kat is organizing one every year.

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