RECEIVED CARD #25: Bits of Egypt in Russia

This postcard from Nastya shows the Egyptian Bridge across the the Fontanka river in St. Petersburg. The card traveled a distance of 899 miles (1446 km) in 25 days.

Nastya also sent me a this Russian saying:

I still haven’t quite understood the saying. Nastya admits that she only knows a little English… well, and I only know a little Russian. I really wish I were better at it and could read the saying in its original cyrillic script. If anyone can help me with this, I’d really appreciate it 🙂


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2 responses to “RECEIVED CARD #25: Bits of Egypt in Russia

  1. Hi! I’m from Russia, so this is my version of translation:
    Lows (acts, rules) are not written for fools
    Even if it is written, they do not use to read it
    If fools even read lows, they do not understand it
    If they think that they do understand it, in fact it is misunderstanding

    It’s an old russian funny saying, which means that the fools should not be judged strong, because thay naturally do not know the rules. It is commonly used to justify someone, espesially children.

    Happy postcrossing;)


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