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Between Ape and Man (“Wild Words” Series Part 1)

It’s the weekend again, yay. This is a piece of mail art I received from arttower, a fellow German mailartist 🙂 On the front it reads “und seine Erben” (“and his heirs”) and on the back “Experiment des Monats” (“experiment of the month”). The whole thing makes me think of the evolution of man, Darvinism and genetics. And you?

Well, thinking of monkeys, especially apes and us – humanity – as their heirs, I decided to sent this piece of mail art to arttower in return. It’s out of my new mail art series “Wild Words”: The GORILLA. Yes, I’m still into the typographic images lately ;P

I wish you a great weekend!

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On the horns of a dilemma: Die Zwickmühle

Okay, today for a change, I will have to go a little academic on you and let lose the linguistics-chick in me. Don’t worry I’ll take you through my train of thought step by step.

Well, when I received arttower’s “dilemma”-mail art (I showed it to you in my Saturday post) I decided that I wanted to pick up the dilemma-theme in my response mail art to him as well.
I then got out my elephantine Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus and looked up the correct definition of dilemma and its synonyms before all else:

I found some more synonyms on Wikipedia.com and added them to the list just like all the German synonyms I could find, including the word “Zwickmühle”. Well, now that particular synonym  struck a chord in me and I came up with this piece of mail art:

"Zwickmühle" (2012)

Me being ground to flour like grain by two millstones because I’m feeling unable to make a decision – so I’m – to throw in some more imagery here – on the horns of a dilemma…

Now, etymologically Zwickmühle doesn’t really refer to a real grain to flour grinding mill but a certain position in the board game mill (ninepenny/nine men’s morris/merrelles/cowboy checkers). The first part of the word “Zwick – mühle” doesn’t derive from the German verb “zwicken” (to pinch), as I’d mistakenly assumed, but from the Old High German words “zween”, “zwo” and “zwei” meaning two. So Zwickmühle basically means “two mills” and if you`ve ever played mill, you might know how fatal it is when your opponent can shuttle a piece back and forth between two mills and thus pretty much sealing your fate.

I don’t know what you think but I’d say both explanations, my wrong one and the etymologically-correct one, are in the end fitting imagery for a dilemma.

Well, to counteract the academic tone of today’s post at least a little bit, here is a link to a cool website where you can play mill online for free. Mill is one of my favorite board games by-the-way, next to draughts/checkers of course 😉

I hope the linguistics-chick in me didn’t scare you too awfully much and you’ll brave to stop by my blog again to read more.




definition and synonyms of the word dilemma:
Oxford Dicitonary & Thesaurus, second edition 2007, as edited by M. Waite; p. 280 


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__Dilemma with place of discovery__

Art in my mailbox!


               “Dilemma mit Fundort”              

_____________ Mail art from “arttower” (Germany 2011) ____________

For more…

VISIT —–> http://arttowersmailart.blogspot.com/ <—– VISIT

Thank you arttower for sending this! Your mail art is always food for my thoughts and a well of inspiration.

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