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RECEIVED CARD #11: Adcards on postcrossing

When I sent out cards to fellow postcrossers I try to refrain from sending any free- or adcards becuase they’re usually not what people like to receive. It’s not that there aren’t pretty ones – there definitely are quite a few very beautiful adcards out there – it’s that they usually do not represent the sender or the sender’s homecountry very well, since they’ve been designed to raise awareness to a certain cause or product as opposed to tourist- or greeting-cards.


…this adcard I received from Ira, living in Minsk, the capital of Belarus I was pleasantly surprised. I like it. For me it doesn’t exactly represent Belarus (except for the Cyrillic script maybe) but it surely captures the essence of postcrossing: Hold out your hand and invite the world to get in touch with you!

Ira, thank you so much for sending this card to me. I’m still not crazy about adcards on postcrossing but I definitely like that one ; )

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SENT CARD #13: I ♥ you…

… a card for Daria from Belarus : )

I don’t know if you can see it in the picture but the little heart is not simply a blank spot on the card; there’s an actual heart-shaped hole in it. When I saw it at one of my local “postcard-dealers” at home I just had to buy it. Writing this really makes me want to go postcard-shopping soon and see what the Floridian postcard-dealers have to offer : P
Well, at that time I hadn’t even known whom to send the card to but when I read on Daria’s profile that she likes romantic postcards I knew that this was to be hers. So I sent the little heart on its 18-day-long journey to cross the distance of 607 miles (977 km) that lie between my hometown and Daria’s mailbox in Belarus.

Have a great week!

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Gothic + Renaissance + Baroque = Mir Castle

Postcards featuring UNESCO World Heritage sites are very popular among postcrossers. I like them too but do not specifically ask for them in my profile’s text.

However, it was great to find this card from Tanya in my mailbox:

She sent me one featuring an UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site near her hometown Grodno in Belarus: The Mir Castle complex Mirsky zamok (on the right) and the chapel-tomb of Sviatapolk-Mirskies (on the left).

CLICK HERE to see a short video of Mir castle on belarus.by .

The most interesting fact about the castle is that it combines three different artistic and architectural styles. The construction of the castle in the 16th century had been begun in the Gothic style, and with chaning owners been continued and finished in Renaissance and Baroque style. If I should ever get the chance to travel to Belarus I would certainly have to visit Mir castle too. Some people might say castles are boring but I think they are the most intriguing places.

Oh, how I sometimes whish we only knew how to travel time already!

As you can see, Tanya did not only choose a great postcard but also lovely stamps! It was certainly a very happy day for my mailbox!


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