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Your eyes are huge!

Manga Fever desk

No, my eyes aren’t really huge but what I choose as image for my “Liberate Your Art” postcards this year has something to do with huge eyed cartoon figures. To be exact: Manga characters. Yes, I’ve been – or still am (?) – back to “that phase“. As I now have a roommate who is big into all things Japanese and a so-called “cosplayer“, I guess it was just a matter of time until the Manga-fever got me again. Here a small study of “Manga Fever” based on many subejcts. Not. Just one: Me.

Manga Fever_edit green

WARNING!: Manga Fever is not a real disease. Just in case 🙂

Well, and this is my little “Chibi Pilot” postcard that I’m liberating in Kat’s postcard swap this year:


I hope the recipients will enjoy it 🙂


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“A glass a day…”

Hey there,

This is the funniest mail art envelope I’ve received so far!

It’s from Vizma Bruns who lives in Australia and has a great sense of humor. Besides making me laugh like I’ve not laughed before when opening the mailbox, she also impressed me by writing a few sentences in perfect German. And she hasn’t been using her German language skills since high school!

I hope her wonderful enveolpe made you laugh too and your day a little brighter.

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