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A baby kangaroo in my mailbox :)

Just as much as I love the regular postcard exchange on postcrossing I also enjoy the occasional “direct swap”. If it weren’t for this wonderful option I would have never received this cute little baby kangaroo from Penny.

Penny and her family live in Australia and try to collect a postcard from every country in the world. Additionally they are also collecting postcards from every district, province and independent city. So in return for the cute kangaroo baby card, I sent them a postcard featuring different views of places and buildings in my hometown.

I hope this little card helped them get one step closer to the completion of their collection. It definitely is a huge task!

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SENT CARD #4 – The limits of my universe

Dear Friends,

My fourth sent postcard (DE-1034284) went to Taiwan. It went to the eager language student Kai-Shun (Satimia). He’s studying French and German at university and is very interested in foreign languages. So when I wrote my postcard to him I first wrote it in German and then added the English translation. I’ve been able to fit about 200 words onto the card!

The Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said:

Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt.
The limits of my language are the limits of my universe.

I think he mostly refers to the limits within one language but I also think you can very well apply it to language-learning as well. With every new language you learn the limits to your universe get fewer and your life becomes more colorful.
Anyone who has learned a new language should have noticed that learning a foreign language doesn’t only give you a new way to communicate with others but tells you many things about the native speakers’ culture and their country’s history. Learning foreign languages means exploring foreign cultures. Just take a look at idioms and you’ll know what I mean.

The card I sent to Kai-Shun covered a distance of 5706 miles (9183 km) in 11 days before it dropped into his mailbox on September 16th. The image on the card is – once again – featuring a beautiful view of the Lüneburger Heide.

Speaking about German speaking postcrossing members:
Besides Kai-Shun I’ve also got to know Andrea from Chile who asked me for a direct exchange of postcards a couple weeks later. She’s studied German for more than 20 years now and has also spent some time in Germany as a student. At home in Chile she doesn’t get the chance to practice it very often so she asked me to send her a postcard in German.
Learning a foreign language is a tough task and to master it you need invest a lot of time, but keeping your once acquired skills is even tougher: It’s a use it or lose it situation.

The card I sent to Andrea is one of my self-made cards, featuring another great quote about languages:

Mit jeder neu gelernten Sprache erwirbst du eine neue Seele.
With every newly learned language you acquire a new soul.

I had a lot of fun creating the card and really hope Andrea likes it as much as I do. If you like this card as well and would like to receive it too, you can contact me by way of the contact form on my contacts page or via personal message on postcrossing. I am sure we can arrange for somthing. You can also contact me if you’d like to receive one of the postcards I’ve shopped.

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