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9 hours, 9 activities: Banishing boredom from long-haul flights

Today is the day. It’s almost 8 o’clock here at Hamburg Airport and chances are pretty high that I’m in the air while you are reading this. My flight is headed for Newark Liberty International Airport in New York. So I have about 9 hours of economy-class-sardine-tin-travelling ahead of me. Nine long hours of boredom… I hope it won’t be like that this time. I’ve taken precautions and come up with my personal Anti-long-haul-flight-boredom-plan:

  1. Try and strike up a conversation with my seatmate (this might not be an option depending on who it is I’ll be sitting next to. But I’ll at least be polite and say “Hi”/”Bye”  to him or her)
  2. In case I get to sit next to somebody nice and friendly, I packed a game of ninepennies and draughts. Tic Tac Toe and battleship are also and option because…
  3. …I packed pens and paper. I also have my sketchbook with me, so I could sketch or doodle some too. (Will definitely do that!)
  4. On board crafting: I did put the supplies for a small in-the-air-crafts-project in my bag. I’ll tell you all about it and supply you with a DIY-tutorial some other time.
  5. The classic: Read!! I packed a popular-science magazine and the epic-fantasy novel I’m currently reading.
  6. I bought a puzzle magazine. I chose one with logic puzzles. Each correctly solved puzzle will reveal a simple picture or word which I think is really cool!
  7. Listen to music. Of course I also packed my iPod nano and bought a couple new songs on iTunes as well.
  8. I will turn off the wireless antenna on my computer while on the airplane so I could also use my laptop to… maybe prepare some new post for you guys! ;P I have nine hours, I could do some serious writing…
  9. … and last but not least: I could try to sleep, check out the on-board entertainment system, look out the window, take a gazzilion cloud-pictures (given I get the window-seat) and not foget to do some strechtes now and then to keep the blood circulating and the muscles from getting too stiff…

So, what do you do to chase away the bordeom during long-haul flights???



P.S. Please excuse any typos and such; I had to kind of rush to get the post done… blogging at the airport is a lil’ difficult 😉
Now of I go: Up, up in the air !!!

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