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Monday Morning Soundtrack

Dear Friends,

It’s the first workday after New Year’s, 2012 is still wearing diapers and it’s Monday so I’ll be easy on you. I’ve put together a lil’ Monday morning soundtrack. Sit back, read, listen and relish ;D

6.00 AM – Sleep In Late by Molly Johnson*
The alarm goes off. Muffled by blankets and pillows some undistinguishiable curses will be uttered while a lazy and uncoordinated hand slaps the alarm clock incessantly ’til the snooze button is successfully hit and the annoying fiend disturbing the peace of sleep is silenced. Another three minutes of slumber are being granted and to sleep in late is a thought entertained for a little while.

6.15 AM – Monday, Monday by The Mamas & The Papas
It’s been done, the numb-body has risen from the bed and dragged its sorry self to the bathroom. Bleary eyed a wild looking creature examines the other shabby looking one standing in front of the sink splashing its face with cold water. Afterwards a toothbrush is surfing across sticky teeth, a comb is pulled through disheveled hair and a second glance into the mirror reveals that a slightly more human looking creature has taken the shaggy looking one’s place.

6.38 AM – Monday by Wilco
Jeans put on and sweatshirt pulled overhead, it’s time to rock the kitchen and raid the fridge for a glas of OJ and butter. Two slices of crisp toast end up on a plate together with an egg sunny side up and Monday begins to look a little better until at…

7.12 AM – Manic Monday by The Bangels
… the digits blinking on the digital clock above the kitchen doorframe remind of the bus which were to be caught two minutes ago. And, even if one had an airplane, there still wouldn’t be any making it on time.

7.23 AM – I Don’t Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats
Rushing, hopping onto a bicycle and paddling like a mad man or mad woman, the weekly observation is being made: “I don’t like Mondays.

Do you have a favorite Monday morning tune? Is it something loud with a catchy rhythm? Or soft and quiet? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

Hope you had a good start into your first week of 2012 : )



*Unfortunately I didn’t find any online source I could link to, but almost any digital music store will let you listen to a short sample if you go looking for the song.

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