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Since the next Olympic Games in 2016 will take place in Rio de Janeiro I thought it would be nice to share a postcard from Brazil with you today. Et voilà I’ve got this little beauty from Daniela in my stack of postcrossing cards 🙂 Even though she lives in a small city near Sao Paulo, Daniela sent me a card with pictures from the carnival Rio is so famous for.

RECEIVED CARD # 21 : BR-185646 from Daniela (BRAZIL)

It’s still a mystery to me how the women can dance wearing those huge head-dresses, extensive costumes and unbelievable high-heels. I’ve never been to Brazil but I surely wouldn’t say no if I should ever get the chance to go there. Just seeing the carnival in Rio must be an incredible experience.

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US Mail – Part 1

After over four fabulous months in the Land of Opportunity, a wonderful time spent with my „American family“ I have to leave again on Thursday to be back home in time for work. So by the first of August regular daily life should have me back 🙂

So, yesterday I posted my last outgoing mail from the US: A postcrossing-card to Afra from the Netherlands. I chose to send her this pretty card with a view of the Vermont countryside around Sleepy Hollow Farm near the Pomfret-Woodstock town line.

Vermont is such a beautiful and literally “green” state! I wish I could stay longer.

Post office in East Dorset, VT

As you know though, this is not the only state I’ve been to during my time in the US. I’ve spent more than a day in Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Texas, passed through Alabama, Louisiana, South and North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York and had lunch in Mississippi. It would have been great to get postcards in all of those states but the time just didn’t allow for it. I did get postcards in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia and – of course – Vermont though. It wasn’t always easy to find stores that still sell postcards – just a very sad reminder of how fast the tradition of sending postcards home to your dear ones is more and more becoming a relict of the past. Fortunately there are many projects like Postcrossing out there that keep on fighting for the good ol’ snail mail.

Here is the selection of postcards I chose to send home to family and friends…

…and – as promised – the list of stores I bought them from:

3820 State Highway 64 W
Tyler, TX 75704, USA

Northshire Bookstore
4869 Main ST
Manchester Center, VT 05255, USA

The Potter Hill Barn
3864 NY 7
Hoosick Falls, NY 12090, USA

Shaw’s Supermarket
64 Equinox Terrace
Manchester, VT 05255, USA

Different stores along
St. Georges Street (near the Fort)
St. Augustine, FL 32084, USA

The Boudin Shop & Country Store
AKA “Chicken on the Bayou”
I-10 Exit 115 (Cecilia – Henderson)
2942-F Grand Point Hwy
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517, USA

Pure Country gas station
10166 Lorraine Road
Gulfport, MS 39503, USA

A country store near
(big red barn-like building)
Merrit Pecan Co.
Georgia 520
Weston, GA 31832, USA

So country stores, gas stations and some Walmarts are your best bets when looking for postcards.
Have you ever had trouble finding the right postcard?


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Reaching the summit

I hiked up a mountain today!!! My travels through the US have lead me to the Green Mountain State and there I went to the summit of Bromley Mountain. It’s not a huge mountain, just 3284 ft. (1001 m), but I am still proud of myself. And I got to take so many beautiful pictures. Here is a small selection. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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German Cowgirls

Spending time with my „American Family“ is always a blast. Just recently we visited a friend of theirs who owns cutting horses. For me and my American family’s current exchange student (a German horse-and-riding-addicted girl like me) it was the first time sitting on a western horse. It was so different from what we are used to. A true thrill ride!

Cutting horse “Woody” and me. Photocourtesy of my amazing American Dad 🙂 Thank you for always taking such great pictures!

And I think the following piece of art goes very well with this very unique experience. It’s my first linocut in about two years: A RODEO-cut.

I’ve sent one of the eleven prints I made to Viviana Cernjul in Argentina. Of course I created a very special envelope for it too. Take a look:

Hopefully I’ll be able to save some more time for blogging in the next couple of weeks: All the exciting things I’m seeing and experiencing during my stay in the US this year have kept me away from the blogosphere quite a lot recently.

P.S. I’ve also acquired a plethora of postcards from five different states already. Finding them is not really easy sometimes. I’ll let you know where I got mine in one of my upcoming posts. Promise : )

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RECEIVED CARD #12: Other-worldly Beauty

This is sooo beautiful…

The Liushidan Mountains, the “Sixty Stone Mountains” look so idyllic and fantastical in this picture that I can’t believe that this is an actual place on this planet!!!

So, here a little shout-out to Wei-Ching from Taiwan who’s sent me this incredible postcard:

And the postcard’s travelling facts:
Distance travelled: 5778 miles (9298 km)
Time travelled: 32 days

I’ve never really considered going to Taiwan but after getting a glimpse of Wei’s home-country through her postcard I think I might have to go there one day 🙂

What other-worldly beautiful places do you know of or even have been to?

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This postcard went to Lisa in Winter Haven, Florida.

It travelled for 7 days and crossed a distance of 4764 miles (7667 km) carrying this quote from Goethe:

“Das ist das Angenehme auf Reisen, dass auch das Gewöhnliche durch Neuheit und Überraschung das Ansehen eines Abenteuers gewinnt.”

“This is what’s great about travelling, that even the ordinary becomes adventurous through novelty and astonishment.”

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9 hours, 9 activities: Banishing boredom from long-haul flights

Today is the day. It’s almost 8 o’clock here at Hamburg Airport and chances are pretty high that I’m in the air while you are reading this. My flight is headed for Newark Liberty International Airport in New York. So I have about 9 hours of economy-class-sardine-tin-travelling ahead of me. Nine long hours of boredom… I hope it won’t be like that this time. I’ve taken precautions and come up with my personal Anti-long-haul-flight-boredom-plan:

  1. Try and strike up a conversation with my seatmate (this might not be an option depending on who it is I’ll be sitting next to. But I’ll at least be polite and say “Hi”/”Bye”  to him or her)
  2. In case I get to sit next to somebody nice and friendly, I packed a game of ninepennies and draughts. Tic Tac Toe and battleship are also and option because…
  3. …I packed pens and paper. I also have my sketchbook with me, so I could sketch or doodle some too. (Will definitely do that!)
  4. On board crafting: I did put the supplies for a small in-the-air-crafts-project in my bag. I’ll tell you all about it and supply you with a DIY-tutorial some other time.
  5. The classic: Read!! I packed a popular-science magazine and the epic-fantasy novel I’m currently reading.
  6. I bought a puzzle magazine. I chose one with logic puzzles. Each correctly solved puzzle will reveal a simple picture or word which I think is really cool!
  7. Listen to music. Of course I also packed my iPod nano and bought a couple new songs on iTunes as well.
  8. I will turn off the wireless antenna on my computer while on the airplane so I could also use my laptop to… maybe prepare some new post for you guys! ;P I have nine hours, I could do some serious writing…
  9. … and last but not least: I could try to sleep, check out the on-board entertainment system, look out the window, take a gazzilion cloud-pictures (given I get the window-seat) and not foget to do some strechtes now and then to keep the blood circulating and the muscles from getting too stiff…

So, what do you do to chase away the bordeom during long-haul flights???



P.S. Please excuse any typos and such; I had to kind of rush to get the post done… blogging at the airport is a lil’ difficult 😉
Now of I go: Up, up in the air !!!

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Flood Art


I hope you are enjoying your weekend. The past three days I’ve been busy preparing for my trip to the US on Monday. Since yesterday I’ve been busy packing, unpacking and repacking my suitcase, desperately trying to reduce its weight to the allowed 50 pounds… I’m down to 52 right now, but simply don’t know what to take out anymore : (

Oh well, enough of my luggage-drama; I just wanted to stop by and drop you some visual stimulation along with a few lines.

So this is some interesting mail art I received from Christine “BrisChris” who lives in Brisbane, Australia.


………………………………………………………. They had a great flood in Brisbane last year. The photographs that Christine used to create her piece of mail art were stacked together and affected by the flood water. I think it’s fascinating how art is sometimes created by accident.

I’ve already gotten something in the mail for her too : ) Can’t wait to show it to you at some point next week.

Now I’ll return to my suitcase and brood some over a solution to my baggage-dilemma…

I wish you a great weekend and a happy St. Patricks Day!

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